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The product

A 360° real-life, interactive in-between solution that combines both physical and digital store experiences to attract and engage customers without having the limitations of the real world.

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Give your customers the ultimate product and digital store experience

Allow your customers to explore your store in a 360° digital environment, where your products are at everyone’s fingertips. Zoom in and view products in Augmented Reality at home or at a place of your choice.

Solution for our new reality

No more constraints and limitations. Companies are being constantly challenged, shops are closing, the world around us has changed within a blink of an eye, while more customers turned to digital shopping than ever before. ​This omnichannel experience merging physical and digital experience in order to attract and reach your customers anytime and anywhere.

Immersive and scalable content

Showcase your content in different ways and formats on multiple channels. Guide the sales with relevant, and (re)usable content to maintain the consistency of your brand experience. Engage your customers and retailers by using the real world as the main body and enhance the reality with AR technology. Let your audience interact with your products before making any purchase.

Make smarter decisions with real-time data

No more guessing. Easy-to-read information provides you meaningful insights to adapt fast and to make better decisions. See exactly how your virtual space is being used, how your customers are interacting. Analyze shopping behaviours and adjust your sales approach according to the new norms and or any unforeseen circumstances.

Get more value with integrations

XPRNC makes all your channels work better by letting you integrate and combine your showroom, e-learning and e-commerce platforms into a common space through XPRNC’s APIs.

How it works

Welcome page

With a simple login, enter your customized space and explore your store in 360° real-life.


Coordinate the needs of your customers, by allowing your user to select the area of their product interests.


Walk through, look around in 360°, zoom in and view the products from a different angle.

Each room contains products based on the selected interest. Products have hot spots and detailed maps including AR activation.

Product details

Select products, choose parameters, view the chosen product in detail and compare the options.​

Augmented reality

View, zoom in/out and place the AR product in your own environment via WebAR.

Shop & collections

Buy directly! Or add the selected products to your personal collection to put together a line-up of favourites to compare or to share.

Optional features

Live chat & events

Have a question about a product, service, or marketing promotion?

Open a live chat conversation with a sales representative. Get guidance and stay up-to-date with the latest news, events and promotional offers.


100% availability

Your store is open 24/7. All your needs are in one repository, available both on desktop and mobile without any limitations.

Generate more visitors

Attract more customers by encouraging participation. Allow your visitors to interact with your products in AR and explore your digital space. 

Measurable data

To remain competitive, to make the best decision and to gain more insights, track, monitor and improve your shopping experience.

Reduce volume of returned goods

AR is as realistic as real life, customers can try your products in their own environment, hence the number of returned goods will decrease.

Boost engagement

This unique, immersive and interactive solution grabs your audience’s attention. It enables your customers to explore your products at a greater depth, to have a more memorable and meaningful experience.

Add AR experience to your store

Extend your retail experience at any time and any place with augmented reality. Position yourself as an innovative brand, strengthen your digital presence and provide an actionable and personal shopping experience to your customers.

Increase retention and loyalty

Connect and create longer relationships with your customers, employees and trade partners by combining your showroom, e-learning and e-commerce platforms.

Scalable solution and content

Deliver creative and innovative solutions with effective integration. Exploit the maximum potential of your content by reusing and showcasing your assets/content on different channels. 


Room setup packages
Basic environment
  • 1 x room minimum

  • 1 x 360° picture

  • My Bag page

  • My Collection page

  • User Management page

  • Admin Role and User Role

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Most popular
CG* environment
  • 1 x room minimum

  • 1 x 360° picture with 3D designed environment

  • My Bag page

  • My Collection page

  • User Management page

  • Admin Role and User Role

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3D environment
  • 1 x room minimum

  • 1 x 3D generated interactive enviroment

  • My Bag page

  • My Collection page

  • User Management page

  • Admin Role and User Role

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* Computer graphics
Product details packages
Product card hotspot
  • Hotspot on 360° image

  • Pin to My Collection

  • Add to My Bag

  • Learn more button

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Augmented reality
  • 1 x interactive model AR presentation

  • 1 x WebAR

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